Other Services

Personal Banking; Other Services

ATM (Automated Teller Machine)

  • Convenient 24hour access to your personal checking, savings, and money market accounts at any ATM1 honoring STAR.


VISA Debit Card

  • The VISA debit2 card is similar to the ATM/POS1 card, but has enhanced POS access with the VISA2 logo.
  • It can be used at ATM1 machines honoring STAR as well as for Point of Sale Purchases (POS) anywhere that accepts VISA.
  • Purchases are debited from the primary checking account.
  • No monthly fee.


Direct Deposit

  • Payroll, retirement, Social Security, or U. S. government checks directly deposited for safety
    and convenience.


Safe Deposit Box

  • Large selection of several sizes.
  • Provides security for valuables and important documents.
  • Contents not FDIC insured.


Funds Transfer Overdraft Protection

  • Transfers between demand deposit or savings accounts whereby customers are protected from overdrafts and returned checks.
  • A transfer fee will be charged.


Online Banking with Bill Pay

  • 24 Hour access to all your accounts, check balances, pay bills, search for cleared checks, see direct deposits and transfer funds at your convenience.


MultiMillion Dollar FDIC Insurance

  • We offer a product that provides up to $50 million dollars in FDIC coverage along with the time saving convenience of One Bank and One Rate. Member of CDARs Network.


Gift Cards

  • Purchase a gift card for loved ones, friends, co workers and acquaintances.



  • Provides customers another free 24 hour platform to access their bank accounts and complete transfers, bill payments and get balance information via their cell phone.



  • This product enhances the mobile banking product by allowing customers to make deposits by taking a picture of a check with their phone.



  • A convenient and secure method for customers to receive monthly or quarterly bank statements.
  1. Transaction fee by ATM owner, other than River Community Bank, N.A. may also apply.
  2. Normal approval required.
  3. Transfer/Withdrawals from your account are limited to four per month or statement cycle.