Business Loan2 & Other Services

Business Loan & Other Services


  • Short and long term loans for business or investment purposes
  • Lines of credit
  • Fixed or variable rate simple interest loans
  • Competitive interest rates
  • Prompt, local decisions


Business Visa

  • Competitive interest rates4
  • Prompt decisions


Merchant Bank Card

  • Allows businesses to electronically accept credit and debit cards for purchases.


Cash Management Sweep

  • Allows businesses to maximize their earnings and cash flow through overnight investments with competitive interest rates.


Business Online Solutions With Bizpay

  • 24 Hour access to all your accounts, check balances, pay bills, search for cleared checks, see direct deposits and transfer funds at your convenience.



  • Provides businesses with a high volume of deposits a capture solution for virtually any commercial entity that accepts checks as a form of payment.



  • Provides small business customers another free 24 hour platform to access their bank accounts and complete transfers, bill payments and get balance information via their cell phone.



  • This product enhances the mobile banking product by allowing small business customers to make deposits by taking a picture of a check with their phone.



  • Assists the bank customer in reconciling their bank account. Through Positive Pay, immediate notification is available for items being presented for payment that have not been issued by the bank customer.



  • A convenient and secure method for customers to receive monthly or quarterly bank statements.


Payment On the Go – POGO

  • Easily accept payments just about anywhere where wireless is available using your Smart Phone, iPhone or iPad.
  • Provide customers an electronic receipt sent to their email address or via text message
  • Maximize the investment made into your smart device
  • Avoid the expense of purchasing a terminal while gaining the ability to accept credit and debit cards.


  1. Transaction fee by ATM owner, other than River Community Bank, N.A. may also apply.
  2. Normal approval required.
  3. Transfer/Withdrawals from your account are limited to four per month or statement cycle.
  4. See the card application's Important Disclosures for current terms, rates & fees. Credit Cards are subject to credit approval. Cards are issued by TCM Bank.