Business Checking Services

Business Checking Services

Small Business Checking

This type of account is designed to make banking easy for sole proprietors, start-up businesses and established businesses with low monthly transaction volume.


RCB Community Checking

As a community bank, River Community wants to give back and do our part in helping non-profit organizations that are devoted to their communities. This type of account is designed for non-profits such as (but not limited to) churches, humanitarian organizations, and IOLTAs.


Business Checking

Ideal for businesses that prefer a low activity account.


Business Plus Checking

Ideal for businesses that prefer a low to moderate activity account


Commercial Checking

Primarily for businesses that require a high activity account. Service charges can be offset
by maintaining a sufficient balance monthly (account analysis)


Enhanced Account Analysis

This account is designed primarily for businesses with very high volume of activity. These types of accounts typically involve zero accounts. Activity from several individual accounts can roll up into this type of account for analysis calculations. The customer controls the amount paid for services based on account activity which may be compensated for with sufficient balances.


Select Money Market

Interest bearing, limited transaction account.

  1. Transaction fee by ATM owner, other than River Community Bank, N.A. may also apply.
  2. Normal approval required.
  3. Transfer/Withdrawals from your account are limited to four per month or statement cycle.