ATM and VISA Debit Cards


  • You will be receiving a new PIN # in the mail the week of March 11th. You will begin using this number effective March 18th.
  • On Tuesday, March 26th you may take this card to any River Community Bank, N.A. ATM and change the PIN.
  • ATM withdrawal limit will remain $400 per day.
  • Sometime in late April or early May you will receive a River Community Bank, N.A. Visa Debit Card to replace your current ATM card. The Visa Debit Card offers our customers more ways to access their money with convenience and additional protections. Please see the cardholder protection information for additional information.




Verified by VISA

This feature offers a layer of fraud protection for those customers who do a lot of online purchases. Customers must enroll their cards into the program. This service works in cases of where a customer has a purchase show on their account that they didn't do. If the vendor where the transactions occurred is not registered in this program, then you have some additional rights to go back to them with a fraud claim. For those who have already registered their cards, you will need to re-register. Please watch this website between March 18th and March 25th for information on re-registering. It is very important that every VISA debit card is registered between March 18th and March 25th.